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Important announcements


Change in Light Rail schedule during the Jerusalem Marathon on Friday 15.03.

Due to the Jerusalem marathon this coming Friday and closure of main routes in the city, the Light Rail schedule will change on the day of the marathon:

From beginning of service on the morning of Friday (15.03) and until the end of the event at approx. 11:30 am, the Light Rail will rum between Mount Herzl and CBS Stations, and between Heil Ha'Avir (Pisgat Ze'ev) and Ammunition Hill Stations. During these hours there will be no service between CBS and Ammunition Hill Stations.

Upon completion of the race, evacuation of the tracks and receiving police approval, service will be fully restored to normal operation along the entire line.

As mentioned, regular service is expected to resume at approx. 11:30am.

Citypass wishes great success to all marathon runners



Ticket Validation

According to the law, and on the instructions of the Ministry of Transportation. it is compulsory to purchase a suitable ticket in advance, to validate it immediately in the machine every time you board the train, and to ensure validation has been carried out successfully.

A passenger who is found without a ticket, or with a ticket that has not been validated, will be subject to an increased charge 

(Increased charge: The full price of the journey with an additional fine of NIS 180).

At ticket inspection, passengers must present or give their ticket to the train official when asked to do so.

Tickets cannot be purchased on the train | Retain your ticket for inspection until after you complete your journey and leaving the station.



Extending existing discounts until the end of 2019 for those eligible for guaranteed minimal income, survivors' pension and income completion according to the Social Security Law.

Those eligible for guaranteed minimal income, survivors' pension and income completion according to the Social Security Law are requested to go to the "Al Hakav" service stations located all over the city with their current card. The new eligible should bring the letter of pension approval from Social Security (without the Ministry of Transportation card) and their current profile will be extended on their Rav Kav for an additional year until the end of 2019.
For your convenience, below is a list of areas that provide the service.



Delivering information on train travel services

Notice in accordance with Regulation 3(a) of the Railroad Regulations (delivering information on train travel services at the national public transportation information center), 5776-2015




Students press here for information



Validation for Soliders

According to Ministry of Transportation directives, beginning on September 24, 2017, soldiers in mandatory military and career military service are obligated to validate their personal soldier identification upon entering the train. In addition, IDF soldiers traveling via light rail without uniforms on the weekend, from Friday mornings until final service Saturday evening after Shabbat ends, as well as the evening before holidays and the final service after holidays end, are eligible to travel free of charge -- but must validate their personal soldier card in the validation machines on board the light rail.



Smoking prohibition in Rail Stations

Please note that smoking within the light rail stations is prohibited by law. Violators will be assessed a fine.

Please find the relevant law in the link:


חוק למניעת העישון במקומות ציבוריים והחשיפה לעישון, תשמ"ג-1983