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What is the Rav-Kav Card?

The Rav-Kav is a “smart”, electronic card used for traveling public transportation, which replaces the various paper tickets, and aims at easing payment methods during travel.

The card enables travel through all public transportation carriers in Israel and free transfer between most means of transportation.

Travelers can load various contracts onto the Rav-Kav card such as: monthly, weekly and daily passes or stored value contracts.

The Rav-Kav card has significant advantages: it is comfortable to use and it fits every wallet, pocket or purse, it is re-loadable, and provides the opportunity for the various discounts for which passengers may be eligible by law. In addition, the Rav-Kav card makes it unnecessary to carry cash for every ride.

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Rav-Kav Types

There are three types of Rav-Kav cards:

  • Personal Rav-Kav
  • Anonymous Rav-Kav
  • Semi-anonymous Rav-Kav
There are three types of Rav-Kav cards:

Additional Information

  • Issuing a Rav-Kav card:

    The Rav-Kav card can be issued at the CityPass service centre, with all public transportation carriers, or at “Al HaKav” service points in the Ministry of Transportation.

    When requesting a card, passengers must bring along their ID card, passport, or driving license, along with all relevant documents proving eligibility for special discount profiles.

    Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by their parents and provide their parents’ ID card with the attached rider.

  • Loading the Rav-Kav card

    The Rav-Kav card can to be loaded in automated machines located at each Light Rail platform, at the CityPass service centre, or on the Rav-Kav website.

    Please note the Stored Value contracts can be purchased at the Ministry of Transportation’s “Al HaKav” service centres, or on the Rav-Kav website only. Passengers can purchase this arrangement through the automated machines located at Light Rail platforms or at the CityPass service centre.

  • Please Note:

    In order to issue a new Rav-Kav card, passengers must present their personal, up-to-date eligibility in the same manner as it was performed at the time of the initial issuance.

    Passengers who wish to convert their existing personal Rav-Kav card into a semi-anonymous card may do so without additional payment.

    According to the Ministry of Transportation’s instructions, each and every ticket, loaded with any contract whatsoever, must be validated on every Light Rail trip immediately upon boarding the train, including when transferring between lines or between a bus and the Light Rail, and when the card is loaded with a seasonal or special contract.

    According to the law, and on the instructions of the Ministry of Transportation. it is compulsory to purchase a suitable ticket in advance, to validate it immediately in the machine every time you board the train, and to ensure validation has been carried out successfully.

    A passenger who is found without a ticket, or with a ticket that has not been validated, will be subject to an increased charge

    (Increased charge: The full price of the journey with an additional fine of NIS 180).

    At ticket inspection, passengers must present or give their ticket to the train official when asked to do so.

    Tickets cannot be purchased on the train | Retain your ticket for inspection until after you complete your journey and leaving the station.