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Safety and conduct:

 The Light Rail is a traffic milestone in Israeli existence, which requires certain adjustments for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.


An urban train is a new form of transport in Israel and it is therefore important to keep to the safety rules near the train in order to create a safe, pleasant, and calm environment, so all can enjoy the Light Rail’s many advantages.


  • Pedestrians, cyclists and passengers waiting at the Light Rail stops:

    Nearby the rail tracks – stop, look around, and listen. Pay attention to the movement of the trains from both directions.

    Listen well for the sounds of the train, the warning bell and horn, when walking near the route of the tracks and the Rail’s stops.

    Using a cellphone or listening to music is a distraction – avoid using them when walking near the tracks or the Rail’s stops.

    Cross the tracks quickly and in a straight line.

    Avoid running towards the tracks or making a sudden entrance into the Rail track area.

    It is absolutely forbidden to cross between two vehicles of the Light Rail.

    The Rail track area is intended for Light Rail use only – entering this area is dangerous! Do not stand within the area of the tracks and do not ride on them using a bicycle, scooter, or any other vehicle. Please note: the train’s braking distance is greater than that of other vehicles, which means it takes longer for the train to come to a full stop.

    Cycling on the rail tracks is forbidden and endangers cyclists, the train, and its passengers.

    At the stop – wait behind the white safety line and do not cross the line before the train comes to a complete stop.

    Smoking in the Light Rail stations forbidden. Those who violate the law are subject to a fine of NIS 1,000 from a municipal inspector.


  • Safety rules for drivers in the area of the Light Rail:

    Do not enter a busy intersection.

    When at an intersection and at a red light, stop just before the stop line.

    Do not stop on the rail tracks.

    Do not park cars on the tracks.


  •  Safety instructions for Light Rail passengers:

    Do not pass through the train doors when they are closing, do not lean on the doors or hold them firmly, as there is a danger of being caught in the door.

    For passenger convenience, use the wide doors only when boarding the train in a wheelchair or with a stroller.

    Do not disturb or distract the train driver.

    The emergency buzzer at the station or on the train is to be used in case of emergency only.

    “Exit first, enter after” – before boarding the train, wait for passengers leaving the train to first vacate the entrance.

    While standing, hold the vehicle handrail in order to avoid falling.

    Passengers must give up their seats to those who are elderly or have disabilities.

    Have you boarded the train? Have you validated your ticket? Have a good and safe journey!