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Tickets and Pricing

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Ticket Types

Passengers can travel via Light Rail by:

  • Loading a trip on a Rav-Kav card
  • Purchasing a single-trip, no transfer paper ticket
Please note – you must have an appropriate ticket when you board the train. Tickets cannot be purchased on board the train.


Travel type Regular price (nis) Eligible for a discount Price after discount (nis)
Single trip loaded onto Rav-Kav 5.9 Senior citizen, "extended student" 3
Single-trip paper ticket for a single Light Rail ride without a transfer 5.9
2-trip ticket 11.8 Senior citizen, "extended student" 5.9
10-trip ticket 47.2 Senior citizen / youth / “Extended” student 29.5
15-trip ticket - National Insurance eligibility / student / disabled NIS 59
20-trip ticket 94.4 Senior citizen / youth / “Extended” student NIS 59
Blind Escort ticket - a paper ticket for a single trip only Valid for the day of purchase only 3 A person accompanying a blind passenger on the Light Rail‎ -
Monthly pass Jerusalem area (Region 1) 213 Senior citizen 106.5
Weekly pass Jerusalem area (Region 1) 64 Senior citizen 32
Daily pass Jerusalem area (Region 1) 13.5 Senior citizen 6.5
  • Seasonal Passes

    Monthly Pass
    A monthly pass contract can be loaded from the 20th of the previous month until the 10th of the month for which the pass is required. The contract will begin from the beginning of the calendar month.
    For example: for May 2017 the card can be loaded with a monthly pass contract starting April 20, 2017 until May 10, 2017. The contract will then operate from May 1, 2017 until the end of May 2017.

    This contract cannot be loaded onto an anonymous Rav-Kav card.

    Weekly Pass
    When passengers purchase a weekly pass contract, they may travel freely on the Light Rail and on public transport during that week. Passeners must validate the Rav-Kav card on each trip.

    Daily Pass
    When passengers purchase a daily pass contract, they may travel freely on the Light Rail and on public transport during that day. Passengers must validate the Rav-Kav card for each trip upon boarding the train.

  • Children Under 5

    One child under 5 year old, travelling with a paying passenger is exempt from paying – passengers must buy a ticket for every additional child before boarding the train.


  • Strollers

    The platform level is precisely adjusted to the vehicles’ floor and therefore enables easy, quick and convenient entrance and exit to the Light Rail with an open stroller. Children’s strollers are free of charge at all times.


  • Animals and pets

    You may travel the Light Rail with your pet as long as the pet is on your lap or in your hands. When traveling with a dog, it is mandatory to muzzle and leash it. Other animals should be in a case or basket so not to bother or harm other passengers, all in accordance with Regulation 18 of the Railroad (Operating Local Railroad), 5772-2012 Law: 

    It is permitted to travel with a guide dog accompanying a blind person holding a blind person's card and a guide dog during training with a vest stating: "Guide Dog in Training". In such case, the trainer must pay a full fee.

  • Traveling on the Train With Bicycles

    According to the Ministry of Transportation’s instructions, only folded bicycles may be brought onto the train (with or without a storage bag) at all times. Bicycles that do not fold will not be allowed. It is the passengers’ responsibility to leave their bicycles next to their seats throughout their entire Light Rail trip.

    An inspector or other official who is authorized by Light Rail management is entitled to instruct passengers who violates the regulations to exit the Light Rail at the next stop.

    Passengers are instructed not to ride bicycles in the area of the Light Rail tracks. 


  • Electric Mobility Scooters

    The Light Rail is accessible for the disabled and can be boarded easily and conveniently. A Type-A electric mobility scooter of a width of 75 cm and a length of 120 cm and with a chair weighing up to 130 kg may travel on public transport, including the Light Rail.

  • Studends

    Students press here for information about extended Free Pass


  • Foreign residents with a minimum one-year Israeli visa

    According to the Ministry of Transportation instructions, foreign residents with a minimum one-year visa (excluding those with a work permit) are entitled to the existing discounts offered in public transportation.